SINTEF Technical Approval (TG)



What is a SINTEF Technical Approval (TG)?

A SINTEF Technical Approval (TG) states that a construction product is considered suitable for use, and that it meets the Regulations on technical requirements for construction work (TEK), provided the areas of use and conditions specified in the approval document are followed. The approval also states that the product meets the requirements for product documentation in accordance with the Regulations on documentation of construction products (DOK).
An approval document contains documentation of all relevant properties of the product, as well as information regarding installation instructions, acceptable conditions of use and environmental assessments.
SINTEF monitors internal production control during inspection at the production site. In addition to this, the products are also regularly tested in either our own laboratory, or in other accredited laboratories.
SINTEF Technical Approval is aimed at the Norwegian market, and covers all types of building products, from components to construction systems.
The documentation scheme is suitable for new and established products, and applies to both Norwegian-produced and imported construction products.

Approval status (TG, ETA and CE Mark) 

A SINTEF Technical Approval (TG) is a voluntary documentation that confirms that the product has the properties required for the construction work it is meant for, and that the product meets the basic requirements in TEK.
A European Technical Assessment (ETA) (formerly known as European Technical Approval) is a basis for CE marking of construction products where the product is not covered by a harmonized product standard. If an ETA is issued for a product, the product must be CE marked accordingly.
For CE-marked products, SINTEF Technical Approval is an additional documentation that shows that the product is in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian regulations and construction practice. It is important to be aware that a CE marking is not sufficient documentation for products to be used in construction works in Norway. The product must also satisfy requirements in Norwegian building regulations. The CE marking indicates only that the product can be marketed and sold legally in Norway, not used.

Basis for approval 

SINTEF Technical Approval specifies product properties obtained through type testing and/or calculations, which may be supplemented with experiences gained from practical use.
Products that need to be CE-marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) must show the CE mark, as well as the corresponding Declaration of Performance (DoP) before a SINTEF Technical Approval for the product can be published.
In addition to the minimum requirement for product documentation, a SINTEF Technical Approval contains documentation of properties, applications and conditions for use recommended by SINTEF, in the Building Research Design Guides, by industry institutions, or in the guidance of TEK.

Content of the Approval Document

The approval document contains the following information:
  • Product description
  • Application
  • Product performance
  • Conditions of use
  • Product and factory production control
  • Basis for approval

Product description

The approval specifies the materials, sub-materials and any component composition used in the product, and possibly references product standards and control descriptions. When approving construction systems, reference may also be made to special construction details which are collected in a separate document and are then a necessary part of the approval.
For prefabricated bathroom modules and building modules, the technical approval includes materials and solutions which are described in the SINTEF Technical Approval. SINTEF  performs an annual product and factory production control. During this control, we are assessing that materials and solutions used in the modules are in accordance with the descriptions in the SINTEF Technical Approval.
If a producer supplies modules to the market where materials and/or solutions are not in accordance with the technical approval, this is a non-conformance which has not been assessed by SINTEF. Cases where such non-conforming modules have been supplied to a building project need to be assessed and solved by the parties who have formal responsibilities in the building project. If a producer wishes to supply modules with alternative materials and/or solutions to those stated in the technical approval, these alternative materials and/or solutions can be assessed by SINTEF and if accepted, be included in an update of the technical approval. 



The approval specifies which applications and conditions the product is approved for, e.g. building parts, building types, climate zones and fire resistance classes.


Product performance

 The approval may include documentation of product performances related to the following basic requirements for construction works:
  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in case of fire
  • Hygiene, health and the environment
  • Safety and accessibility in use
  • Protection against noise
  • Energy economy and heat retention
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
Product characteristics are, as far as possible, stated in a uniform manner, so that properties and qualities of products of the same type or for the same use can be compared.

Conditions of use

The approval specifies which design requirements must be met before using the product, as well as requirements for installation that are crucial for the product to function as intended.

Product and factory production control

All products with SINTEF Technical Approval shall be subject to continuous surveillance and assessment of product and factory production control. The check shall ensure that the products have the properties stated in the approval at all times. Our experience suggests that such controls have a purpose, as the controls occasionally reveal deviations in production or in the product.
The manufacturer must have a satisfactory system for internal production control, which is monitored through factory visits carried out by either SINTEF, or another technical inspection body. For CE-marked products that require certified production control, then the accreditation, if it can be carried out by SINTEF, will be coordinated with monitoring control for SINTEF Technical Approval.

Basis for approval - technical documentation

The approval document includes a reference list of the most relevant reports from type testing, calculations, etc., which are the basis for the approval.

Environmental related properties

All products with SINTEF Technical Approval have been subject to an environmental assessment. The environmental assessment includes the content of hazardous substances in the product, the release of hazardous substances to the indoor environment, drinking water, soil and groundwater during the use of the product, and routines for waste management and recycling opportunities. The environmental assessment is adapted to the area of use which the product is approved for.
Relevant documents for environmental assessment in SINTEF Technical Approval are available here:


SINTEF Technical Approval (TG) is approved as documentation of the following clauses in BREEAM-NOR (BREEAM-NOR 2016 Technical manual):
  • Absence of pollutants on the A20- list (ref. Mat 01, compliance note CN1 and Checklist A20)
  • Emissions (Chapter Hea 02 Indoor air quality, ref CN 11 and table14)

Reference to EPDs in SINTEF Technical Approval

  • SINTEF Technical Approval may also include a reference to an environmental declaration (EPD) in accordance with EN 15804. The EPD must be valid and published by program operator responsible for EPDs, for example the Norwegian EPD Foundation, Institut Bauen und Umwelt, Environdec or Ecoplatform.
  • EPDs referred to must be specific for product included in SINTEF Technical Approval. Generic EPDs will not be referred to. The holder of SINTEF Technical Approval must also be the holder of the EPD. EPD for components which are included in building elements and modules will normally not be referred to. 

Health and environmental assessment in SINTEF Environmental Certificate and SINTEF Technical Approval.

SINTEF Environment Certificate can be used as documentation of health and environmental characteristics for some group of products covered by a SINTEF Technical Approval. Examples of such product groups are glues and selants. See information about SINTEF Environmental Certificate:

Products that can be approved

SINTEF Technical Approval can be issued for all types of building materials, including components and construction systems that SINTEF considers to be suitable for their specified application area. The documentation scheme is suitable for both new and established products on the market and applies to both construction products produced in Norway and imported products.

Labelling of approved products

In order to show that the product has SINTEF Technical Approval, the approval mark and the associated approval number can be used on the product, packaging and in marketing.

Publishing and validity

Holders of SINTEF Technical Approval will multiply the approval documents as needed. Lists of all the products that have been approved at any time, as well as the approval document itself, are published on The website is updated continuously.
An approval is issued for five years at a time, but is revised each time changes are made to the product, its use or the conditions of use. The approval document will then get a new date, and the valid version is the one that is published on
For each approval, SINTEF prepares a contract with the holder of the approval, and a control description is included as part of the contract. An approval can be withdrawn immediately if the conditions for the approval are not maintained according to either the contract or control description.

Application for SINTEF Technical Approval

To apply for a SINTEF Technical Approval, the application form must be downloaded and filled in digitally: 
Application documentation is numbered and entered as an attachment in the form. Application forms and supporting documents, such as test and calculation reports, brochures, assembly instructions and data sheets, are attached as an attachment in e-mail and sent to
A SINTEF Technical Approval is being prepared in cooperation between the applicant and SINTEF. We normally accept test reports from European notified bodies and other known third party laboratories.
When we receive the application, we will appoint a project manager who will contact you regarding further work. Work is not initiated until we have made an agreement on further work and costs within a contract. 

Duplicate approval

Duplicate of SINTEF Technical Approval is an approval that is identical to another approval, but with different product name and/or holder.
Duplicate approval is applicable if;
  • The holder wishes to market a product under another product name.
  • The holder wants to have approval for a product under a form of "private-label", in addition to the approval for the product.
  • Two different companies sell the same product with different product names, and both want to have an approval for the product.
Prerequisites for issuing duplicate approval;
  • The duplicate must be a pure copy of another approval (the original approval), except for the product name and/or holder.
  • Embossing, marking and recolouring of the product is permitted, provided that this does not affect the properties of the product.
  • The duplicate can only be issued with permission from the holder of original approval.
Prerequisites for maintaining duplicate approval;
  • The duplicate is issued with the same validity date as the original approval. 
  • The duplicate is updated when the original approval is updated.
  • The holder of the original approval may at any time withdraw the authorization for duplicate approval.
  • Product and production control for the original approval covers also the duplicate approval.
  • Duplicate approvals have 1/3 annual fee for maintaing the approval.
For a request for duplicate approval contact us at

Guidelines for SINTEF Technical approval

There are guidelines for SINTEF Technical Approval for products within the most common product groups. Guidelines for SINTEF Technical Approval can be received upon request. Contact 
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