How to apply for Product Documentation


Applications should be sent to SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, att.: SINTEF Certification, PO Box 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo, or by e-mail. Attachment of the following information is a minimum requirement:
  • Name, postal address, e-mail and web address, as well as Tel. No. of the company designated as holder/proprietor of the approval/certificate (usually this is the manufacturer, but occasionally the holder/proprietor and manufacturer(s) may be different companies)
  • Name, postal address and e-mail address and Tel. No. of the contact person for the documentation project.
  • General description of the product
  • Should there be any documentation in the form of test reports, calculations and certificates/approvals from other bodies, these are to be submitted together with the application.
Appointing an approval project manager
SINTEF Certification will contact the appropriate department in SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and appoint a specialist manager for the project. The project manager will prepare an offer for the project for submission to the applicant’s contact person.

Evaluating the product’s properties

The received documentation for the product’s properties will be evaluated. Should any further supporting documentation be necessary, this will be asked for. In order to obtain satisfactory supporting documentation, it is in most cases necessary to carry out additional testing and make further calculations.

Inspecting the place of manufacture

The place of manufacture has to be inspected before any Production Certificate / Technical Approval can be issued, This inspection is carried out to determine whether production is taking place with adequate quality assurance.

Compiling documentation

Once satisfactory supporting documentation has been made available and the inspection has been carried out, the Product Certificate / Technical Approval and pertinent contract documents can be prepared.
Publishing documentation
All valid Product Certificates and Technical Approvals are published in full-text on SINTEF Certification’s home page.

Ensuring validity by follow-up

An annual follow-up of all valid Product Certificates and Technical Approvals will be carried out, as well as the manufacturer’s quality assurance of production, in the form of an inspection at the place of manufacture. Spot checks may also be performed in the laboratory for a number of product categories.