Environmental Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a third-party verified document summarizing the environmental impact and resource consumption throughout the life cycle of the product. An EPD is based on LCA (ISO 14040/14044) and must comply with international standards and national laws.

The purpose of an environmental declaration is to document the environmental properties of a product, and to provide an opportunity to compare the environmental profile and make an informed evaluation. The environment is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor in the construction sector. The market is travelling towards more conscious buyers, both private and professional, who have increasingly higher ethical and environmental demands. In such a market, well-documented materials will have a competitive advantage.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure has a team of employees who work on EPD. We have several ongoing assignments for construction products manufacturers. In addition to this, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure has partners at hand to offer objective third-party verifications. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure's verification partners are approved by the Norwegian Business and Industry Foundation for Environmental Declarations, EPD Norway, which is program for environmental declarations type III (ISO 14025) in Norway.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure also prepares Technical Approvals, which confirm that the products are suitable for use in buildings in Norway. A SINTEF Technical Approval also includes an environmental assessment, and a valid, product-specific EPD. This is developed in accordance with EN 15804, and registered with EPD Norway or one of their partners (see http://epd-norge.no ). In addition, EPDs prepared at SINTEF Building and Infrastructure will be published on the SINTEF Certification website.

If you want to know more, please contact epd@sintef.no